Business Intelligence and Healthcare Development

The healthcare industry is experiencing an observable restructuring. Policies from Capitol Hill like updated HIPAA regulations and the Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act have been updated and passed. There are certain mandates which require insurance companies, manufacturers, family practices, and all those in the field to be compliant with these new rules.

Usually when new regulations come out of Washington D.C. for business owners it can have a very real hamper to the business. HIPAA and what has become affectionately known as Obamacare aimed to identify and eventually execute countless cost cutting while maintaining quality care.

Fast forward to what the future holds and the tech world ought to be frothing at the mouth. There are so many opportunities for innovation in a field that desperately needs it. When creating a new product there are a few avenues to go down, and at Codal we really push the emerging process of business intelligence. Just as ‘Obamacare’ aims to create cost effective care, business intelligence is the same. Consider for a moment that preventative healthcare is now free under certain policies, this is so if an issue is spotted early enough it saves the cost of a persons healthcare in the long run.

Before Web and mobile app development, Codal also likes to evaluate risk factors in development. When building a product for healthcare, and for that matter any industry, first an extensive and easily traceable blueprint is designed to asses the kind of architecture that will be needed. The blueprinting considers compliance rating and capacity. When designing and developing products for the healthcare industry it is crucial that going into it all the compliances are in consideration.

Upon completion of blueprinting, our Codal signature development process is implemented. When undergoing a build, many development firms use an agile approach, where a beta is released and then tested and is a never ending cycle. Codal uses an intelligent agile approach first, where testing never ends even after release. Clients in the medical field can utilize the most recent updates and not suffer from what is known as ‘development hell.’ Part of a business intelligent approach is delivery and deployment. Our agile approach enables deliverables to arrive on time and working. Our intelligent agile approach produces constant refines in what we call ‘continuous delivery.’

Along with an analytics review, which for any healthcare product ought to be extensive, Codal embeds the capacity for built products and services to adapt to new innovations. Consider for a moment mobile health applications, the hardware is generally set, but thanks to innovation planning Codal can update and innovate existing programs if they need to be. Leaving room to make your product better in the future is a fundamental key in business intelligence and technology strategy. It lays out the groundwork for growth in business, whether it is healthcare, or any other industry.

About Codal :

Codal is a information technology strategy consulting company to provide website and mobile application development, agile software development and ux design services.

Business Intelligence and Healthcare Development

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