E-Campaigns for Raising Funds

Fund-raising and all of its elements is not a strict operation. There are countless ways to fundraise and with a digital environment, nonprofits are slowly acclimating to behaviour over the interwebs. This is generally a good thing, it signals another avenue for great causes and advocacy to be well funded from a greater amount of people.

An e-campaign is a marketing campaign that sticks with Internet modalities. It is arguable that well run e-campaign can be highly cost effective, as opposed to costly print ads and media beyond the Internet.

Consider all the costs that are involved in a traditional campaign:

  • Print
  • Management
  • Lead Generation

An e-campaign can include contextual advertisements, which are much easier to run online. Search driven advertisements and targeted email marketing is also a better and more cost effective option than those listed above. Developing a solution unique to your organization is a good thing, because it directly targets those donors who believe in your cause, and are willing to help support it. Blanket marketing campaigns are often too general, and as such have trouble with engagement with those who are willing to engage.

The world of e-marketing might be met with those who distrust information being conveyed on a digital front. To ease concerns, the emails should address concerns, and in addition be sent to those you think would be most likely to respond. If an organization is really concerned with their cause, they will make an effort to ensure privacy. Repeat donors are the best donors, and the only way to repeat is to have an enjoyable experience.

About Author :

Jenna Erickson is Codal’s Creative Strategist. Codal is mobile application and web development agency offering full range of services in various platforms like php, ruby on rails, python, ios, android, blackberry,etc.

E-Campaigns for Raising Funds

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