Applying Psychology Principles to Improve Your UX

Psychology is one of the main disciples outside of technology that the user experience field heavily relies upon. A UX design company needs skills being the technical and the creative design, but to also have a deep understanding of the user.

Utilizing psychology principles is a key component in order to optimally design for the user. Regardless if the project is web application development or requires the services of a mobile application development agency the same psychology concepts can be applied.

Below outlines the best psychology insights that a user experience research services are implementing in their designs and process of UX.

The Primacy Effect

The primacy effect is the psychology understanding associated with memory that an individual has a greater ability to recall items in the beginning of a list.

Knowing this common technique, UX design services design a page in a way that the most important items are in the beginning and end. For instance, placing a call to action immediately in this spot is one way to help boost conversions.

Overall, it is important to first captivate the user in the beginning, not only to encourage them to keep looking, but also to engrave the image or messaging in their memory.

The Recency Effect

Likewise to the primacy effect, the recency effect is one that a user would be more likely to recall the item that is last or most recent.

The ending of a page should leave a lasting impression or an action by the user. It is up to the UX design firm to creatively design a page in a way that the end action of the user is one that gets them to accomplish a specific task, rather than just bouncing from the page.

Repetition is Key

Repetition is one of the well known psychology concepts that really resonate in a digital sphere. The text on the page that is most often repeated is usually the information that the user will most likely remember.

In understanding this concept, UX services need to ensure that the most important information is the one that is repeated. For example, as an e-commerce store, repeating the concepts of the sale that is underway will help in encouraging a purchase behavior.


A new phenomenon that has emerged, especially since the popularity of social media, is FOMO, which stands for fear of missing out.

People have a uncomfortable and negative association when they are told they are missing out, either from an experience or product. Inserting that sense of urgency in certain offerings will capitalize on this general user fear, in a way that will encourage and persuade action.

It’s Free

In marketing, one of the words that tends to instantly create a reaction in a consumer is the word “free.” It is not a new concept that people in general get excited about getting anything for free.

These offers that revolve around the “try before you buy” is one that not only instills trust with the consumer, but also adds a boost to the UX of the site or application.


UX research services with a clear understanding and expertise in the psychology field is critical to capitalize on the human tendencies; an understanding that will result in an overall better user experience.

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Applying Psychology Principles to Improve Your UX

Hit a Homerun With Your Homepage

For any company, designing a website is a process that needs great attention to detail. As a UX design company, the page that matters most to a website is the homepage.

If the homepage does not attract the user and lead them on a journey of the website, it may be an indication the homepage and, maybe the entire site for that matter, needs a redesign. Through tracking of the user’s behavior, if you see a high bounce rate on the homepage, it may signify the homepage is not fully optimized.

Being a UX design agency, we have compiled a list of five tips to keep in mind when designing the homepage of a website.

#1 Clarify Who You Are

The most critical aspect to the homepage is clarifying to the user who you are and what you do as a business. The first question that goes into any user’s mind when they arrive to a new website is “am I at the right place?”. It is your job to make them know they are in the right place.

An iconic business, like Starbucks, can get away with not be explicit about who they are as a company, since majority of the population knows of this prominent coffee brand.

In the example below, Starbucks is using their homepage as a promotional piece for the caramel macchiatos campaign. An effective strategy, but one that can only be done by companies that have a recognition and knowledge through a simple logo.


#2 Make a Lasting Impression

The next critical component of a homepage is to immediately engage the user in a way that impacts them and persuades them to continue to explore the site.

Utilizing content such as a bright color background, an interesting photograph, micro animations, or rich text will captivate the user in a way that will create a desire to continue the journey through the website.

For example, Codal, a mobile app design agency in Chicago, created a homepage for MoodyTounge with a bright image of the different beers.


#3 Create Easy Navigation

Providing the ability to navigate from the homepage to the different pages of site needs to be clear and easy in order to ensure a lower bounce rating for the homepage.

Another element to incorporate in the navigation is CTA’s. Not only does the navigation have to be clear, but it also has to persuade the user to go there. For example, utilizing a “shop now” to direct the user the product page may be more effective than just labeling it “product page.”

#4 Keep in Mind The Above the Fold

The move from physical to digital has had enormous amount of changes, but there is a traditional term can be applied to this digital site; that term is above the fold.

In newspapers, editors needed to put the engaging stories and images on the front page above the crease so readers would be persuaded to purchase the paper.

Likewise, UX design services, need to showcase the best and most interesting content at the top of the page, where the user can view without needing to scroll down. If the most engaging content is at the bottom of the page, or a different page altogether, it is not doing anything for your site.

#5 Don’t Forget About Mobile

Applying the same homepage from the website to the mobile device is not an effective process. Considering by 2020 smartphone users are going to be up to 6.1 billion, keeping as much focus on mobile view as on desktop is critical.

For instance, the navigation on a mobile screen is going to be significantly different than on the main website. Ensuring that the mobile site has a seamless ease of navigation is very important to keep the mobile users engaged.

Also depending on the amount of users that are going to your site, it may also lead to the question on needing to develop a mobile application, rather than just simply having a mobile friendly site.

Since users spend 18 times more time in-app than on a mobile website, if you have a high percentage of total users going to a site via their mobile device, investing in an app may have a higher ROI than just on a mobile friendly site.


How well the homepage is designed can mean the difference of the user exploring your website and leaving entirely. The homepage is the chance of the user experience design service to captivate and inform the users of the site.

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Hit a Homerun With Your Homepage

The Benefits of Great Company Culture

The importance of company culture in an organization has been rapidly growing in the last five years. Specifically technology companies such as UX design agencies and mobile app development companies are putting a large emphasis on the company culture.

Although it is important to note that company culture varies across industries and companies, there is not a defined standard every company should follow. What has been relatively standard is an factors of what makes a good company culture and what the new generation of workers are expecting out of their employment.

Benefits of great company culture

There are many great outcomes that can arise by establishing a strong and lively culture in an organization. Some of those include boosting employee engagement, increasing retention rate, better performance, and higher morale and satisfaction.

More importantly, it has been proven that having a positive company culture affects general business metrics positively, resulting in revenue growth.

For example, if you have a team UX design services those team members need to work together in an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation. Without such a culture established, teamwork and productivity could negatively impact the testing and research of a particular project.

Tips to achieve great company culture

Make company culture a priority

This is the biggest factor in whether a company succeeds in establishing a strong culture foundation in the organization. Ways that this can be accomplished is scheduling time for team activities and social events.

Another way to establish culture in very early stages is in the hiring process and being conscious to hire individuals that will fit into the company culture. Codal, an app design company in chicago, places an great emphasis on not only the experience of candidates but how well they can emerge in the company culture.

Inspire fun and creativity

Having company culture that inspires the employees to innovate, create and try new ideas is essential for the growth of any emerging company. For example, Google encourages its employees to take an hour out of their day to explore new ideas. This hour although may not get actual work done, allows the employee to grow and find ways to more effectively improve the company.

Value employee opinions

Taking into account the opinions and recommendations of the employees is something every CEO needs to follow. If the employees are not direct or vocal about opinions, taking time to ask, rather than guess what they think, will really show the organization values those employees.

Create bonding rituals

The bonding time for the team can be as simple as a short morning meeting with the office to as elaborate as a night out. Whether the case may be these activities should not be one time occurrences but ones that either periodically or frequently happen.

For instance, Codal has feeback fridays with their mobile app developers in Chicago. This either includes a catered lunch or happy hour drinks, but regardless the purpose is to open the floor for the developers to voice their opinions.

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The Benefits of Great Company Culture

Mobile World Congress 2017 is Around the Corner

Mobile World Congress will be back in Barcelona next week, starting on February 27th, running until March 2nd. MWC is the largest gathering in the world for the mobile industry. Last year was a record breaking year for Mobile World Congress. There were over 100,000 attendees, and 2200+ exhibitors across a 98,000 square foot space.

1Exhibitors range from mobile app development agencies, to mobile marketing companies, VR and AR companies, as well as smartphone hardware companies. There are companies there for everything-mobile.

Large corporations such as Samsung, Android and Huawei make large announcements and product releases during the extravagant tradeshow. For example, last year Samsung released the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, while LG released the G5 smartphone.

Although almost every large mobile corporation is present, the conference is also full of smaller, innovative technology companies. The 4YFN hall is stocked with the world’s most upcoming technology startups. Last year we saw a lot of tech around virtual and augmented reality, IoT and robotics.

As a mobile app development company, going to MWC gives us the opportunity to stay on top of the latest trends, and apply the new trends to our current and upcoming projects.


Every year, the Illinois DCEO (Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity) selects a handful of companies from the Chicagoland area to attend and exhibit at the event. For the fourth year in a row, Codal was selected based on the innovative services offered, and the ability to do business with international markets.

Interested in learning more about the conference? Wondering what the cost to build an app is? Schedule a time to chat with us here.

Mobile World Congress 2017 is Around the Corner

Prepare Your eCommerce Site for the 2016 Holidays

With the holiday season coming up around the corner, it is that time to start preparing your website for the high volume traffic that is to come. Now is a great time to start brainstorming new ways to get customers on your website

If your website is on Shopify, this plugin is a must. There is a Pinterest Plugin on Shopify’s app store that is simply amazing; it allows a user to buy your product, with one click, right from Pinterest. They don’t even have to visit your website to make a purchase. These are called ‘buyable pins.’

Recover My Cart is another great Shopify Plugin. This system will automatically add a product image and a checkout button. It allows for discount codes on abandoned carts, and follows up with the customer multiple times through emails. It will give your customers that extra push that they need to go through with their purchase.

Another great method to get people to buy more from your website this holiday season, is to offer free shipping with no minimum order. Last year, Target did this, resulting in a 3% increase of average order size.

You should also consider additional payment options on your website. Do you only accept Visa and Mastercard? Open this up to PayPal, Apple Pay, and any other forms of payment you think would benefit your customers.

If your customer cannot find something that they are looking for, they simply will not buy it. Considering enhancing the UX on your website before the heavy traffic hits your page. A redesign of the UX will make sure that your site is in the best possible shape for your customers.

Need help with your UX, or anything website-related? Codal is a full stack UX design and mobile application development company based out of Chicago. With 7 years of experience, we have what it takes to get your project done right, the first time.

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Prepare Your eCommerce Site for the 2016 Holidays

iOS 10’s Favored New Features

As iOS 10 recently was released (one of the largest iOS updates in a long time), there are many features that user’s oversee and don’t realize they have in the palm of their hand.

Here are some of the favored features that many users don’t notice on their new update:

Parked Car
Apple’s maps now allow you to find where you parked your car. On the map, you will find a little car icon, in the location of the parked vehicle. If you’re unable to find the icon, you can simply search for “parked car.”

Are you someone who needs a certain amount of sleep to have a productive day? Than this feature may become your favorite. You can now have your phone remind you when you need to go to bed, to get your full 8 hours of sleep. Just go to your iPhones built-in “Clock” app to find this feature.

Locked Phone
When your phone is locked, you can now still access things such as: top news stories, favorite people, and weather. Before this update, the user had to unlock their phone prior to viewing these things. Could Apple make it any easier for us? Probably not.

Apple’s keyboard has some fun, new features. Instead of having to download a third-party gif keyboard app, this feature is not built into Apple’s keyboard. User’s can also send a different type of message, “Digital Touch Message.”

Your photo albums are now more robust than ever. Your photos app now has a new tab, titled “Memories” in which it gathers some of your best moments into one album. You can also now search in your photos, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.

About the Author:
This article is written by Codal’s writer. Codal is a UX design and mobile application development company with a focus on blending an Agile process with the latest emerging technologies. Based in the heart of Chicago, we have a knack for bringing out the best in every brand that we work with. Our clientele has ranged from small business to enterprise, but our philosophy has always remained the same: to empower brand visibility and deliver the most elegant web and mobile solutions possible.

iOS 10’s Favored New Features

What You Need to Know About Django Development

Django is an open source web framework that is written in the Python language, developed in late 2003. This web framework follows the MVC architectural order; Model-View-Template. Additionally, it consists of an ORM; Object-Relational-Mapper that mediates between the MVC.

The main goal of Django is to create database-driven websites that are more on the complex side. Django focuses it’s attention on “pluggability,” rapid engineering, and reusability of code.

Django is managed by the DSF (Django Software Foundation) who is very involved with the Django community. Every official Django event must have a ‘Code of Conduct’ in order to make a solid stance on the type of community they want to build around the Django framework.

Many large, well-known websites utilize the Django framework. Some of them include Pinterest, BitBucket, Instagram, and Mozilla:


Why Django?
Rapid development; Django was originally designed to assist developers take a concept of an application, and bring it to function as quickly as possible. It’s simple, developers love django because it comes with a lot of functionality, right out of the box, including RSS feeds, sitemaps, and user authentication.

A framework with these features already built in allows for developers to save on coding time and spend that time coding the features that need more attention to detail.

Another reason that developers love Django is it’s extreme security. Django takes security very seriously, aiding all developers to avoid common security errors. Here is just some of the security features that Django comes with right out of the box:

  • Cross site scripting protection (XSS)
  • Cross site request forgery protection (CSRF)
  • SQL injection protection
  • Clickjacking protection
  • SSL / HTTPS protection
  • Host header validation
  • User-uploaded content safety
  • Session security and limitations

Django is extremely scalable. Some of the busiest, highest-traffic websites on the web are run on Django. Some of these that I have yet to mention include: NASA, National Geographic, Disqus, The Guardian, The Onion, Spotify, Washington Post, Rdio, and Eventbrite. Django would be a good fit for any high-traffic website that needs constant support.

The Django community is large, lively, and very supportive. If you ever get stuck, there is a Django Google Group that has over 40k threads of ‘how-to’s,’ discussions, and questions/answers. You will never be left alone with a question unanswered.

With so many active Django users, it is very likely that a question you have has already been answered somewhere on the web. Check out this chart below that shows an array of different groups of active Django lovers, users, and developers:


A group that is missing in the above chart, is the Django Girls organization. Django Girls is a group of Django developers hoping to empower other women to learn Django. It is a newer group, but in just 1 year the group taught Python and Django (and a little bit of CSS, HTML and JavaScript to over 1600 women around the globe.

For being around for only one year, with such a tiny community of female developers, 1600 individuals is not a small number.

Lastly, Django has phenomenal documentation. When Django was first born back in 2003, this was one of the things that majorly set the framework apart from the rest.

Documentation is great for quick references, but it is also extremely helpful when a developer is first learning Django. At the time when Django first came around, other frameworks only used alphabetical lists of modules and methods, so Django’s documentation was very unique.

The framework’s documentation is also advanced and organized like no other. The documentation contains tutorials, topic guides, reference guides, and how-to guides that are all easily findable.

Are you looking for Django development services? Codal is a full-stack mobile application and UX design company based out of Chicago. Our focus is to blend an Agile process with the latest emerging technologies, and our mission always stays the same; work with the best, design with a purpose and engineer for a sustainable future.

What You Need to Know About Django Development