Increase Importance of Technology in Casual Dining

Regardless of the industry, the emergence and advancement of technology is having a significant impact across industries. For instance, the casual dining sector is not one that is known for being ‘tech savvy’ but they need to be in order to satisfy their customers.

Since casual dining companies need to improve the overall experience for their customers, partnering with expert IT strategy consulting companies to implement the latest technology trends into the dining experience.

Below is a look at the three areas that this new technology focused population is expecting in a casual dining setting. Without including these technology offerings in your business, customers will spend at your competitors who do.

Free Wifi & Charging Stations

As people are connected to more and more devices, the desire and need to be connected to those devices continues to be important.

Customers are expecting to walk into any establishment and be offered two things, free wifi and the ability to charge their devices.

For example, when asked what offerings would encourage them to visit a casual restaurant more often, 41% of respondents said free wifi and 25% indicated electronic charging devices.

Especially in an industry like casual dining that is so competitive, shining light on what will drive a customers to the store through the help of user experience research services is critical in obtaining a competitive advantage.

Social Media Check-In and Deals

The need stay connected to your customers digitally is also important to drive traffic into your restaurant. Social media plays an integral part in that, as the probability of majority of your customers are using some sort of social media platform.

One of the greatest components of social media is both the integration into your website and that it is mobile friendly. A mobile app development agency is the right go to in order to capture the customers effectively.

Overall, 23% of individuals said social media check ins were important, while 14% said they would favor a casual dining higher if they had social media.

Brand Based Mobile Apps

One of the greatest increase in technology, specifically in relation to brands, is the increase in brand specific apps for customers.

An app develop agency has shifted in the types of projects they take on, once a game concentrated development is not shifting towards branded applications. Such applications can offer incentives, provide updates, send alerts and much more in order to really engage their customers.


Incorporating technology in your casual dining experience is critical in order to engage, retain, and beat out your competition who have yet not adopted the latest technology. Whether it is offering wifi, having a social media page, or even calling for the assistance of an application development agency, implementing technology is just going to increase your competitive edge in such a dense industry.

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Increase Importance of Technology in Casual Dining

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