Why Investment In An UX Design Company Will Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost

In the era of online shopping reaching an all time high, marketers are able to see not only who comes to their online store, but their behavior, interests, and demographics.

One of the most important numbers every business, especially ones just starting out, focus on is the customer acquisition cost. This number ultimately indicates the level of investment that would be required to grow at a certain rate.

Especially focusing on the long run, investing in a UX design agency, rather than a high customer acquisition cost will pose to be extremely effective in the future years of growth for your business.

Below are three significant ways that UX design services can have an impact on lowering the customer acquisition cost.

1. Lower the Initial Bounce Rating

The first step for any online store or service is to ensure the user does not immediately bounce when they arrive on your site. Some common reasons users bounce are long load times, poorly designed homepage, or a lack of immediate engagement.

A huge benefit in having a UX company is the level of expertise, research and industry knowledge they have and thus can apply to your online presence.

Especially if you are running a marketing campaign like a pay-per-click, every click is an investment into that user. The more those users are immediately bouncing from the page the higher the overall price for the user that does convert.

2. Convert the User

Unless your business’s online presence is strictly for informational purposes, there is an ultimate goal you want your users to achieve; that goal is conversion.

There are various ways to get the user to continue to explore the site, whether that be creating stronger call to actions, providing a seamless user experience, or engaging directly with the users.

Although before the specifics of the website or application can be tested, the first priority is ensuring the digital presence is mobile friendly. Working directly with a mobile app design company will ensure the mobile users have the same, if not better experience, than desktop users.

A great way to engage with the user, especially if they have been on the site for a longer period of time is through the live chat. Live chat systems allow you to set triggers, sending specific and personalized messages depending on where they are in the site.

Another feature that a responsive website or application can capitalize on is the providing an additional incentive to get the user to convert. For example, if a user has been browsing the store for awhile, they can offer them a discount of whatever the user has in their shopping cart.

3. Enforce Loyalty

The end game for capturing a customer is not to just purchase, but to make them a loyal customer and to keep coming back. The time, effort, and marketing dollars put into various marketing campaigns need a result better than a one time purchase.

User experience research services are able to test, question and monitor user’s behavior on the store. Furthermore, inquiring after purchase on ways to improve their overall experience is incredibly important to retain customers.


The above statistic outlines the great areas of improvement the eCommerce sector as a whole needs to their retention of customers. Finding the reason why the user is not coming back is just half the battle, making the experience one the user comes back to time and time again is what UX services do best.


The goal for optimizing the customer acquisition cost is to keep, convert, and retain your customers. It is through the assistance of companies like Codal, a UX design company in Chicago that companies are able to significantly bring their costs down and maintain substantial growth in the long run.

Looking for more insight on UX design services? Are you wanting to develop an app and you need to know the applications development cost is? Visit Codal’s blog, or come talk to us on go@codal.com! We’d love to hear from you.

Why Investment In An UX Design Company Will Lower Your Customer Acquisition Cost

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