Your Website Has A Direct Impact On Your Business’s Credibility

Regardless of what industry your business falls into, having a digital presence is absolutely necessary in the year 2017. But not only does your website need to be present when an individual searches for specific products or services, but it also needs to represent the brand in the best way.

For example, Codal who is a web development agency in Chicago, focuses on keeping a strong brand identity on the website while also providing the best user experience. It is combining both processes to represent the business on digital in the best light, both in design and development of the website.

Ultimately users are ingrained to judge the business’s credibility on their website. In addition, depending on the brand, some features may be more appropriate to use and design in the functionality. For example, a UX design agency can do thorough research and testing on the target users in order to have a full understanding of their behavior on the website.

Judgement Based on Design

The moment the user jumps onto your website they are making instant judgements of your website. For instance, if your website looks outdated or the functionality is not consistent with the user’s expectations, user poor impression will be judged on the business as a whole, not just the website.

One of the main points to take away is that the business and the website are one in the same. Especially for those individuals that are not yet familiar with the business or brand, having a lasting first impression for the website may be the only chance you get.

Another aspect of design and development is the importance of being up to date for mobile. The majority of users are accessing the internet via their mobile phones and expect the same functionality, if not better, on their mobile devices rather than a desktop.

Depending on your business, you may need to take being mobile one step further by creating an application. Enlisting the help of a mobile application design company is a great strategic step to take your business in the digital era.

Increase Engagement

An important aspect in having an increase in credibility on the site is to improve the engagement. There are many forms of engagement the user can partake in, but the first challenge is getting the user to be interested and trust the company enough to do so.

The first level of engagement that a UX design company strives in making as seamless as possible is the process of the user exploring the site. Although simplistic in nature, this component is crucial in encouraging the user to explore the website.

Other aspects of engagement that create a lasting impact on the user is directly talking with them via an instant chat service or providing intuitive content that meet that individual user’s need. The more positive engagement with the user, the higher the chances the user will not only think of the brand favorably, but to come back in the future.

eCommerce Sites Take It To The Next Level

Regardless of the business, even if it is just a marketing website, having a digital presence is key. But where the optimal digital presence has a direct impact on the bottom line is evidently present in eCommerce websites.

Currently, 75% of people say that credibility has a direct relation to how likely people are to make a purchase. Coupled with the fact that the web design has a direct impact on conversion, utilizing a UX company and UI design services is the best step to take if you are looking to increase conversions on your eCommerce store.


The design, development and overall flow of your website has a direct impact on the credibility of your business. We are living in a time that it is no longer optional to have a digital presence but absolutely critical if you want to compete in any industry.

Looking for more insight on UX design services? Are you wanting to develop an app and you need to know the cost to develop an app is? Visit Codal’s blog, or come talk to us here! We’d love to hear from you.

Your Website Has A Direct Impact On Your Business’s Credibility

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