Applying Web Development To The Marketing Funnel

Anyone with any sort of marketing background is familiar with the concept of the “marketing funnel.” But those of you that are not familiar, it is essentially the model that represents the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a product.

web funnel
Although as eCommerce continues to grow and purchasing is largely done online, marketers need to apply this concept in a digital sense. Working directly with a web development agency to design an online store to match this process is step one.

Below are ways that you can work on your web development initiatives to achieve each step in the purchasing funnel process.


When it comes to making your consumers aware of a product in the digital sector, search plays a prominent role in the way consumers find and come across brands.

Firstly, search is the new industry standard for how the average consumer finds a product they are looking for. Whether they are searching for your particular product, or requesting a solution that your product solves, you should be present on the search results page.

Two strategies you can go about to be found on the search results page is through either organic search or paid search. Regardless of which way you go about it, you should clearly and concisely entice the user to click on your brand to direct them to the website.

Once they are on the website, they need to be able to find and be made aware of the products you offer. Findability is crucial aspect of the user experience and really needs to be a seamless process. Utilizing a UX design company is a great way to ensure your products are easily found by the everyday user.


Keeping a user’s interest during their journey on your eCommerce site is becoming more and more difficult as user’s expectations and lack of patience increases.

Focusing on mitigating those pain points that user’s face during their journey on a website is absolutely necessary in keeping their interest. Especially for a eCommerce site, a UX design agency would be able to design both the aesthetics and the functionality of the website to keep the interest of the user.


The desirability of the site not only is measure by the general feeling of the site but the visits back to the site. More importantly, desirability comes from the how enticing the product or service on the site is displayed, and is it enough for the customer to follow through to a conversion.

Undergoing the process of testing and observations on how a customer navigates throughout the site and what pages make them bounce is exactly what user experience research services uncover.


The final step through the purchasing funnel, and arguably the most important, is getting the customer to follow through all the way to purchase.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to encouraging the user to make that ultimate purchase, whether it be the actual purchase page or additional customer support functionalities, like a live chat system.
Although there are many contributing factors, the most important element to focus on is a seamless process.


As an eCommerce brand, you cannot follow the marketing funnel without clearing focusing on the design, user experience, and development of the website. All these go hand and hand if you want to get user’s to convert on your site.

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Applying Web Development To The Marketing Funnel

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