What to Keep In Mind When Creating a Digital Coupon

Clipping coupons may be a thing in the past, but the general concept of using coupons is still a very popular phenomenon. Whether it is utilizing the coupon in a brick and mortar retail store or on an ecommerce site, everyone in general obsess over the concept of saving money.

By everyone I mean everyone, even those millennials who are stereotyped of being above such an old-time concept. In fact, 90% of millennials use coupons. That is a huge number and one that every B2C company should take advantage of.

Digital coupons, which is different from promo codes, are barcodes or pieces of digital print that a customer can use in a brick and mortar store to discount a purchase. Although they are almost identical in process, the abilities that the digital coupon offers the retail far beyond exceeds the printed coupon.

Although with such benefits comes the extra need to time and consideration when developing the digital coupons. Such a consideration is critical and even may need the expertise of a UX design agency to perfect the user experience of using the digital coupons.

Below is a look into the three aspects of a digital coupon to keep in mind when creating a digital coupon. Then a look into the features digital coupons can offer that surpass that of the traditional coupon.


When designing a digital coupon the first to keep in mind in the size of the coupon and if that size is both usable and readable. Since majority of users are using their phones, the design needs to be one that a mobile app design company would create.

Fitting on the screen is just the first concern. The fit on the screen needs to be one that is both usable and readable. Usable in the sense that the retailer in the store and scan the coupon in a fast and efficient manner. Likewise, the text of the specifications and exceptions need to be readable so you and the retail associate are not struggling to find the validity of the coupon.


The idea of saving is different from the saving of money the customers are having. Rather this saving has to deal with the process of saving the digital coupon until the point of purchase.

For instance, some retailers sync well with devices like the iphone in which their digital coupon goes straight into the user’s wallet app, offering a safe and fast way to store all the coupons.

But if saving does not work, does a screenshot work? Today the quickest way to save a page is to take a screenshot, but that does not always work for scanning. The last thing you want, especially during busy times is struggling finding the coupon, for it not to work and the customer have to go searching again.

Not only does screenshotting not always work but it can clutter your mobile device very quickly. There needs to be a way where saving the digital coupon is as easy as taking a screenshot but is as organized as saving to a wallet, that is where a UX design company comes in.


One of the biggest questions that needs to be figured out is how the user will find the digital coupon. Relying on potential customers to search for particular coupons like they did back in the past where clipping coupons was a thing is no longer an expectation; retailers need to make these coupons visible and accessible.

Whether you use push notifications, clear displays on websites, email campaigns tied with a digital coupon or even digital advertisements, awareness is key to drive consideration and conversions.

The New Features of Coupons

The fact that the coupon is digital offers the functionality above anything a print coupon can offer. Three of the major advantages that digital coupons offer are expiration tracking, location notification, and incentives.

Firstly, the ability to monitor expirations poses a great opportunity and feature for users. Everyone has that experience of attempting to use a coupon just to find out it is expired, with digital coupons, they can take that hassle away by just disappearing when the expiration is up and it is out of use.

Next, location extension and the use of beacons allow for the opportunity to track where customers are physically located and send them a coupon to entice them to come into the store. This immediate connection with customers is one that will help increase foot traffic in the store.

Lastly, offering an incentive for exploring a website for example is a great way to encourage purchasing behavior and awareness of different products. Although before you can commit on this particular strategy, enlisting the expertise of a User experience design services is critical for the user journey through the website to be the best expertise.


The digital coupon is the hold bringing together the digital world and that of the traditional brick and mortar retail. If done right, the opportunities for digital coupons are endless and will be opportunities that will be taken of full advantage of by customers, your money back guaranteed.

Looking for more insight on UX design services? Are you wanting to develop an app and you need to know the cost to make an app is? Visit Codal’s blog, or come talk to us on go@codal.com! We’d love to hear from you.

What to Keep In Mind When Creating a Digital Coupon

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