The Content You Choose Greatly Impacts UX

One of the major components to a website or an application is the content you provide to the users. Typically the main forms of content that are incorporated are text, images, and videos. It is critical when working with a mobile app design company that they are made aware of the types of content you want to incorporate.

It is both what content is included and how the content is included that can have a significant impact on the user experience, either good or bad. In knowing how you want to portray your brand, creating content that reflects that is necessary in order to make a lasting impression.

Let’s dive into each of the three main content mediums to take a look at how can impact the UX of the site or application.


Font and Size

First and foremost, the main aspect of text to ensure it is readable to the user. For instance, different devices, such as mobile may require a larger text size to improve the readability for the user.

Likewise, the font that is chosen needs to be easily read by the user. Often times the font that is decided upon is based on the aesthetics of the site, rather than basing it on the standard of it is readable or not.

In order to have a really good understanding of the impact of the most basic elements of text, a UX design agency needs to conduct usability tests on the text designers have chosen, to ensure the text is both beautiful and readable.

Amount of Text

The amount of text provided on a website is very dependent upon the type of website or application is being used. As a general rule, the less text the better. Users today want immediacy and are people that do not have the time or the patience to read through large amounts of text.

For example, if you are working with an eCommerce or marketing website, the goal is to get the users to convert, either by purchasing an item or filling out a contact form. Using CTA’s, which are short text blurbs, is usually the most effective way to direct the user journey. If large amounts of text is provided, that may result in the user getting loss or confuse on the page leading to a bounce.


Be Captivating

In 2017, the images that are used on a page need to be of the highest resolution and quality. No longer are users satisfied with blurry or stock images on your website. It is the inclusion of these types of images that result in an impression that is untrusting and unprofessional.

The best practice on using images is making them in a way that is bright and captivating. You want to convince the user through the images to keep exploring the website. Although it is important to include pictures that are original, for a lack of originality can do more harm than good.


Keep it Short and Sweet

In the same vain as you don’t want to include mass amount text, you don’t want to include video that is extremely long. Marketers are faced with this challenge on a daily basis when creating commercial spots, as a UX design company, the same strategy applies to video content included on a website or mobile application.

Regardless if the video is on the background of the homepage as an interactive visual or an actual video providing information or entertainment, the video needs to immediately grab the user’s attention. Immediate enjoyment to the user is one that keeps them focused throughout the rest of the video.

Work Out the Kinks

Although it may seem obvious but the quality and speed of the video is critical to ensure the user has a good experience when watching. For instance, a video that stalls or takes a long time to load is just going to cause frustration in the user. At the end of the day, no video is better than a poorly executed one.


Every piece of content incorporated in a website or an application needs to be tested to ensure optimal usability. The last thing you want is to have a beautifully designed website and ruin the usability by the content that is included. Hiring a technology partner, such as a UX company will assist in ensuring the user experience for all aspects of the site is in order.

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The Content You Choose Greatly Impacts UX

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