Your Marketing Website for Your App Needs a Redesign

When an app is being built, many times the importance of marketing is an overlooked step in the process. Codal, a mobile app development agency in Chicago, estimates that the investment in marketing an app will cost between 1.5 and 2.5 the cost of the initial development.

Why is marketing your app so important?

The marketing website of your app is what drives awareness and consideration to the download of the app. Especially in a time where thousands of apps are being developed, your marketing needs to help you stand out in such a crowded space.

Create Awareness

As a marketing website for your app, it is critical that the content included is one that explains the benefits, features and advantages of the app. More importantly, identifying the problem and then how your app solves that problem is an important aspect of the marketing website.

The difference between having a marketing website and just an app description in the Apple store is the connection the website has with the user’s search process. When searching for a solution for a problem, having a website that ranks high on the search results page is critical to drive awareness and exposure.

You need to make sure your app is easily discovered by the general user. Searching endlessly on the app store is not a process the common user is going to take. Rather, they want and require an immediate result when they search their query. Your marketing website needs to be there when they search.

Design Importance

The designing process of your app should not stop with the app itself, but be integrated and implemented on the marketing website.

Their needs to be a rich, engaging, and seamless visual and user experience on the marketing website. Since the site is usually the first impression the user has of the app, the features and design need to mirror of that on the app itself.

Thus, hiring a UX design agency, specifically for your marketing website, it important to ensure you don’t lose potential user converters due to poor UX of the site.

Convert: Get User’s To Download the App

The purpose of the marketing website is to ultimately get the user to convert and download the app. As the ultimate goal, everything in the marketing website should be included to achieve this goal.

For example, incorporating engaging and captivating call to action’s is good strategy to start with in order to persuade the user to download.

If the app requires a purchase, account setup, or other necessary actions at the moment of download, the user experience design service needs to ensure the process is easy, fast, and seamless.

As a marketer, getting the user to click the “download” button is just half the battle. The first interactions the user has with the app is a make it or break it time. Easy usability, fast setup, and a beautiful design will help not only keep that user, but make them a frequent and loyal user.


Regardless of the type of app you are trying to market, having a marketing website for that app is now a standard. Especially as more apps are being developed and the space becomes even more dense, the marketing website is a tool to help your app stand out.

Looking for more insight on UX and UI design services? Are you wanting to develop an app and you need to know the cost to develop an app is? Visit Codal’s blog, or come talk to on! We’d love to hear from you.

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Your Marketing Website for Your App Needs a Redesign

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