Cocoa Touch 101

IOS development services use Cocoa Touch as a user interface framework for building software programs that run on iOS. This software framework helps builds applications for products such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

This application programming interface that is available in Cocoa Touch helps mobile application development companies make animation, networking and includes appearance and behavior of the native platform to the developed applications.

Main Features of Cocoa Touch

Build the interface

Cocoa Touch was intended by Apple to be your single point of entry for iOS development. Primarily, this is where you build your app’s user interface.

Other abilities mobile app development agencies can use is handle touch-based and gesture-based interactions, connect the interface to the app’s data, manage multitasking and the integration of features.

Object Oriented Access

Cocoa Touch also includes object-oriented access for controlling your events and address book, building games, managing ads, messages, social media and sensors.

This iOS framework is the best to use because it provides seamless access to the other layers of the technology. For instance, the UIKit framework packages most of the functionality of Cocoa Touch.


Cocoa Touch supports two important architectural patterns, one within an application and one in how an application communicates outside of itself.

Since Cocoa Touch was written with a Model-View-Controller architecture in mind, the design encourages a MVC architecture within iOS and OS X applications.


Cocoa Touch is the foundation of native app development for iOS. If you want to build the next major iPhone application and will meet user expectations, you should hire a mobile application development company with expertise in user experience design services that have the full knowledge of Cocoa Touch.

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Cocoa Touch 101

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