User Testing Challenges on a Mobile Device

Implementing a user test on a mobile device is not a direct translation of the process of a user testing on a desk top. User experience design services need to be aware of the challenges that come about during mobile user testing as well as the tools one can use to ensure the best data collection.

The best UX design agencies are those that are fully equipped to overcoming the challenges of a mobile user test. More importantly, it is especially critical for a mobile app design company to be aware of these testing tips in order to launch a app with great usability.

The Challenges of Mobile User Testing

Although there are many challenges that a mobile user testing can undergo, the main difference from a user test on a desk top is the size of the device. This makes it difficult for UX design services to accurately video tape and record the the actions of the user.

Another challenge in user testing is the lack of full functionality of screen readers for a mobile device. For example a screen reader does not record the user’s gestures, it often requires a seperate devices than the user’s personal one, and you cannot record the facial expressions of verbal comments of the user.

These two obstacles in user testing can significantly impact the overall insight and conclusions that can be drawn from a user test. Thus it is critical for a UX company to follow some of these tips when performing mobile user tests.

Record with Both a Mobile Testing Sled and an External Camera

In order to make sure that the full test is recorded and documented, recording with a sled and a external camera is the safest route. Firstly, a sled is a contraption for mounting an external camera over the device to capture the screen. It is important that the sled is lightweight, easy to use, not distracting, stable, and allow for the ability for the user to switch orientation of the screen.

It is also important to set up an external camera that records the gestures, facial expressions, and verbal comments made by the user. Just as much as the actual actions of the screen matter to the usability test, so to does the physical movements and reactions of the user matter to the overall experience.

Create an Environment of Real World Experience

In order for a mobile app development agency to fully understand the user’s real experience with the app, it is crucial to create a testing environment that reflects the circumstance the user would be in if they were using the app outside of the testing environment.

For example, if the user is testing out a security app in which alerts the police if there is a feeling of danger by the user, then the test should also exhibit an element of fear. This is not to say scare your user but it is critical to make sure the user knows the situation this would be used in and have them really reflect on how they would use it in specific situation.


User testing, regardless of the device, is incredibly intricate process that requires the tremendous planning. Specifically on a mobile device, it is important that the UX design company fully record the user test. Additionally, unlike a desktop, people can use their mobile device in various locations, thus it is also important to create a similar environment is reflected during the user test.

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User Testing Challenges on a Mobile Device

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