What influences the UX of a website?

The user experience of a website has an abundance of different meanings that every UX design company needs to fully understand in order to provide the best UX for their client.

The five areas that will be of focus are the usability, accessibility, usefulness, findability, and desirability. It is imperative that the user experience design services have combination and optimization of all these areas when developing the UX of the website or mobile application.


The usability of UX can be defined as the ease of effort it takes a user to accomplish their goals. This is a broad definition but it ranges from the functionality of the particular features to the overall use of the application.

In order to provide excellent usability, ux design services need to conduct proper and extensive usability tests. Some of the components to conducting a thorough usability test includes videotaping the tests, asking the right research questions, and choosing the right participants.


Accessibility in relation to UX covers the ability of providing an experiences that can be accessed by all users, including those users that may be disabled. Some of the disabilities to be aware of when designing an application include hearing loss, impaired vision, motion impaired or learning impairment.

Some design principles to keep in mind are paying attention to color contrasts, turning the article into audio, implementing screen readers and being specific with alt text.


Although this seems like an obvious point to keep in mind, asking the question “is this useful” should be a question on every UX designer’s mind. This applies to the website as a whole and the additional features that are added after the initial stage of development.


In regards to a digital product, such as a website or mobile application, it is especially critical to display content that is easily found. Users today are not only expecting but demanding to find exactly what they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Some of the ways that a UX company can improve findability is incorporating an accurate search bar or displaying the menu tab in a clear and easily readable way.


If a particular website or mobile application is desirable is very closely related to the user interface. The UX and UI teams need to work closely together in order to create a product that is both aesthetically beautiful and interactive with the user while also making sure the user is having a good experience.


As technology rapidly expands it is key to place an emphasis on the user experience of every website or mobile application. Especially in a year that million apps are expected to be launched, mobile application development companies need to be focused on these five areas of UX.

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What influences the UX of a website?

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