Bigger Font Size Leads to Better UX

When it comes to designing a website or mobile app, one of the most crucial decisions is the font size of the content on the page. Although this is seems as an arbitrary decision, the font size can have significant impact on the usability of your website. Thus, it is crucial for UX designers and UI designers to put more focus on the font size and consider following the bigger font size trend.

Better Readability and Legibility
Generally speaking, providing larger texts increases the user’s readability and legibility of the content on the page. Also, increasing the size of the text may require the UI design to condense the content on the page. The condensing process involves choosing the best pieces of content, which often results in a better and more concise version.

Trend to Mobile
Every year, more and more people are primarily using the web via their mobile devices. Since the mobile device is inherently smaller than a computer screen, a mobile application development agency cannot just simply rely on the current site to be effective on mobile. Often, the one element that needs adjusting is the font size on the mobile screen, especially on the homepage.

Through the user experience research services we have provided at Codal in the past, we have found that the UX is less effective if the user has to zoom in on a word in order to read it. Especially if it is a page of heavy content, having to zoom for every word will lead to a frustrating experience. Providing larger text is a simple way to help ease the frustration of the user.

Know the User
A key element in the UX and UI research process is having a good understanding of who is the user and how to design for different age groups. Especially in a time of an aging population, taking into account any constraints or hindrance to usability of a specific demographic is pivotal.

Specifically looking at the older population, incorporating larger text will help the usability of that specific group whose eyesight is not as clear. Since more and more of this group is adopting technology in their everyday life, it is important for mobile app development agencies focus on their needs specifically. This is also an aspect that is typically researched during UX. At Codal, our designers always specify the age range of the platform’s users prior to beginning the rest of the UX project.

Improving a website or mobile app can be as simple as increasing the font size of the content on the page. The trend of incorporating bigger font sizes is not one of design, but usability. Companies that are hiring a UX design agency should make sure the research is detailed enough to even looking at the font size, to see if the company would benefit from a shift to larger font sizes.

Looking for more insight on UX design services? Visit Codal’s blog, or come talk to us here! We’d love to hear from you.

Bigger Font Size Leads to Better UX

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