UI Design, UX Design Services are Different

When it comes to discussing UI and UX design services, many assume that those terms are the same and can be used interchangeably. That common notion is one that is incorrect and knowing the difference between the two is key.

UX design agencies and UI design services are in existence because their processes are completely different. Below is a review of the difference between the two on areas of commonality, but processes and goals are vastly different.

A full process is needed for both UX designers and UI designers, but the way they go about it is different. For UX, the main purpose is to develop a seamless and easy interactive design for the user. But for UI, the process is to create a visual design, in which focuses on the aesthetics.

The Makeup of the Design
When it comes to building the makeup of the design, user experience designers utilize wireframes and prototypes in order to build the interactive design. UI designers focus on those specific elements that contribute to creating a beautiful interface, such an element can include the use of color.

The Basic Design
This is the aspect of design of a website in which the UX and UI designers really need to work well together. To start, the UX team creates the information architecture of the site or mobile app. Then it is up to the UI team to create a graphic design that follows the information architecture in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to the user.

The Heavy Work
Both UX and UI have elements of its process that require substantial effort. For UX it would be focusing on its user experience research aspect. This is a process that needs continuous refinement as issues arise. In this process, the UX designers review various scenarios that arise for the user. Whereas the UI designers focus on creating the layouts for the website or mobile app. In the creation of the layouts, they also focus on specific areas such as typography.

When it comes to understanding the difference between UX and UI it is easy to relate it to the difference between the sides of brain. The left, which is more analytical and data driven is the UX designer. The right, which is more creative is the UI designer.

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UI Design, UX Design Services are Different

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