The Checkout Process – What UX Design Companies Need to Keep in Mind

When it comes to checking out on a ecommerce or mcommerce platform, web developers and mobile application development agencies need to be sure to offer a process that is smooth and easy for the user. The last thing any ux service wants to achieve is in the midst of the user wanting to purchase, they abandon their cart due to poor design and poor usability.

Thus, it is crucial to incorporate well thought out ui ux design as well as having a team of user experience research services when creating the checkout application. The following highlights the pitfalls one should avoid when designing the checkout.

Lack of Order Review
The ability to review an order is critical for the user. Just like in a physical store, the customer stands in line at the checkout scanning their cart reviewing their choices. The same capability is what the user also wants offered to them on an online platform.

It may be tempting as a designer or website development agency to prohibit easy reviewal of order in hopes the user makes irrational purchase decisions on their entire order. Although this tactic may be effective occasionally, the risk of losing a whole customer and sale too great not to provide a full order review at checkout.

Error Handling and Repopulation Problems
The checkout process is a prime opportunity for users to make a mistake in entering their personal information. In knowing that these mistakes are common, it is up to the ux services to establish an effective process to make sure information gets entered correctly and that the user does not become frustrated.

One avenue for mistake by the design of the website or app is when the user enters something incorrectly, there is poor error handling. This means the subject of error is not clearly highlighted or not placed in a poor location.

The second mistake, and probably one that causes most frustration, is having repopulation issues. This is a result of the user incorrectly typing information, and not specifically notifying which piece of information is wrong, leading the user to retype the information again. Especially during a process like checkout, the information can be long and time consuming to enter.

As a user, having to continually retype their credit card number can pose as a frustrating event. Thus, it is critical to highlight the direct point of error and only remove the information that is incorrect.

Not Providing Breadcrumbs
Since the checkout is a multistep process, providing bread crumbs is key to make sure the user is aware of where they are in the checkout process. As a user, not knowing where they are in the checkout process or how long the checkout process may take can result in a lost sale.

The checkout process is a make it or break it undertaking for a ux design company. Losing a customer at the point of checkout due to poor usability and design is a mistake all companies need to avoid. There is not a time greater or easier to capitalize on converting a user than during the checkout process.

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The Checkout Process – What UX Design Companies Need to Keep in Mind

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