Mobile + Web Application Development: An Introduction to Bootstrap

What is Bootstrap?
Bootstrap is an extremely powerful front-end framework, utilizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is used for developing mobile-first, responsive applications. From one single code base, the framework scales your website or application to fit a phone, tablet, or desktop.

Features of Bootstrap
Bootstrap is compatible with all of the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and even Opera. On any browser, on any device, the web page will dynamically adjust, depending on the characteristics of the browser and devices being used.


The framework is an open-source framework, meaning that it is free to download, and is available right on GitHub. Developers encourage each other to continue to make their own personal contributions to the platform itself.

Bootstrap is highly customizable, any developer can tailor the code to match the specifications of the project they’re working on, and they also do not need to use all of the components.

Benefits of Using Bootstrap
First, Bootstrap will save any developer a ton of time, and effort. Instead of building a website or app from scrap, the framework gives you blocks of code to assist of the speed of the development. To save even more time, the developer can use a pre-built theme (if they do not want to go the custom route).

The demand for responsive websites is huge. For so many businesses, most of their website traffic comes from mobile, making it mission critical for their site to be mobile-friendly. With Bootstrap, you really don’t have to worry about this; your website or application will work and stay consistent across all devices. Put simply, it’s one framework for every device.

Lastly, the free framework is incredibly easy to use. Any developer with basic knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavaScript should be able to get started. If they come across difficulties, there is a huge community that could help.

About the author:
This article is written by codal’s writer. Codal is a full-stack website design and mobile application development company with a focus on blending an agile and innovation process with the latest emerging technologies for web and mobile development services.

Mobile + Web Application Development: An Introduction to Bootstrap

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