iOS 10’s Favored New Features

As iOS 10 recently was released (one of the largest iOS updates in a long time), there are many features that user’s oversee and don’t realize they have in the palm of their hand.

Here are some of the favored features that many users don’t notice on their new update:

Parked Car
Apple’s maps now allow you to find where you parked your car. On the map, you will find a little car icon, in the location of the parked vehicle. If you’re unable to find the icon, you can simply search for “parked car.”

Are you someone who needs a certain amount of sleep to have a productive day? Than this feature may become your favorite. You can now have your phone remind you when you need to go to bed, to get your full 8 hours of sleep. Just go to your iPhones built-in “Clock” app to find this feature.

Locked Phone
When your phone is locked, you can now still access things such as: top news stories, favorite people, and weather. Before this update, the user had to unlock their phone prior to viewing these things. Could Apple make it any easier for us? Probably not.

Apple’s keyboard has some fun, new features. Instead of having to download a third-party gif keyboard app, this feature is not built into Apple’s keyboard. User’s can also send a different type of message, “Digital Touch Message.”

Your photo albums are now more robust than ever. Your photos app now has a new tab, titled “Memories” in which it gathers some of your best moments into one album. You can also now search in your photos, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for.

About the Author:
This article is written by Codal’s writer. Codal is a UX design and mobile application development company with a focus on blending an Agile process with the latest emerging technologies. Based in the heart of Chicago, we have a knack for bringing out the best in every brand that we work with. Our clientele has ranged from small business to enterprise, but our philosophy has always remained the same: to empower brand visibility and deliver the most elegant web and mobile solutions possible.

iOS 10’s Favored New Features

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