Intro to Project Management

Even if you are not a project manager, having project management skills, and being familiar with PM tools can help any project you are working on succeed succeed.

There are four basic principles of project management that need to be managed together for a project to be successful; Scope, Time, Costs, and Resources. A scope defines what the project entails and what the project is supposed to achieve. Typically, a change in the scope means there is a change with the time and cost, and sometimes the resources as well.

When you are approaching the time to define a project scope, there are many different things to keep in mind. The most important include, identifying project goals and objectives, defining tasks and milestones in a set schedule, pinpointing necessary resources, and establishing a solid budget

At Codal, we use multiple tools and systems for managing a project, that are important throughout the entire project lifecycle, such as JIRA and our PMS.

JIRA is an agile project management tool that allows a team to collaborate on a project. At Codal, we use this to track, plan, and release the amazing software that we build.

At the start of every project, we break down the project into ‘sprints’ (typically 2 weeks) in JIRA. As the project goes on, our client either approves or denies a part of the project when it is ready for their review. At Codal, some of our clients want to be as involved as possible, using JIRA along with the rest of the team, while some want to stay out of the developers way and prefer to only use our project management system.

At Codal, we utilize a project management system that we use as a centralized hub for all documents and communication. There are several different components to our PMS, including files, notebooks, messages, milestones, and tasks.

The project management system makes it easy for both teams to stay organized, give status updates, and see the work progressing.

About The Author : 
This Article is Written by Codal’s Writer. Codal is full stack UX design and apps development agency with a focus on blending an Agile process with the latest emerging technologies.

Intro to Project Management

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