Good Versus Great Developers

There are thousands of developers in the world. Some beginner, some expert, some good, and some great. But what differentiates just an average, ‘good’ developer versus a ‘great’ developer? Here at Codal, these are the things that we think differentiate the two:

Great Developers

The attitude of a developer can mean the world when it comes to a development project, since a premium developer cares about the end product. Bringing a positive attitude to a project means that they are more willing to go the extra mile to get it done right, the first time.

A developer with a positive attitude is also typically eager to help their team when they are stuck and teach their team new skills that they may not already have. It is important to have a good attitude especially when the developer is working as a team. Keeping a positive attitude will also keep the rest of the team motivated and excited to build software.

Time + Task Management
Having the best time and task management skills is a very important aspect to any development career. Since developers are usually working on a timeline with set milestone dates, they must be extremely reliable and understand that it is crucial to stay on track for the entire project lifecycle.

A necessary skill is the ability to estimate the amount of hours a task will take, communicating this to the rest of the team and the client, and delivering the milestone or task on a timely basis.

Learning Ability
A great programmer are usually exceptional self learners. Actually, many developers that we meet self-taught him or herself their experienced language.

While of course this is not necessary, being able to learn quickly is. A great programmer has the ability and personality to learn new technologies without being intimidated. Almost every programmer in their career will experience a situation in which they are stuck and do not know the answer. A great developer will search for new resources, talk with their team, and come up with the best possible solution.

About The Author :
This Article is written by Codal’s Writer. Codal is a full-stack UX design and development agency with a focus on blending an agile and innovation process with the latest emerging technologies.

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Good Versus Great Developers

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