Partner with Scrum Masters

What is a ScrumMaster?

A Certified Scrum Master helps development teams properly use the Scrum methodology. The Scrum methodology is an Agile framework that works the best with an innovative project with a complex scope of work.

ScrumMaster_Logo_SealA Certified Scrum Master keeps a team focused on their end goal throughout the software development lifecycle. In a Scrum process, a project is broken down into different chunks, which is a “sprint backlog.” At Codal, we use 2 week sprints in which the developers complete their work. Once the sprint is completed, it is reviewed before the next sprint begins.

What are the benefits?

Scrum is a framework to maximize efficiency in any type of project. According to the Scrum Alliance website, large universities use Scrum to deliver projects, and even militaries have relied on this framework to prepare for deployments.

The project management framework allows for better communication and teamwork, which ultimately drives the best end result possible. Throughout the project lifecycle, adopting the Scrum method will allow the team to consistently stay focused on its goal.

Now What?

If you are looking for a partner who has a team of Scrum experts, you have come to the right place. Codal is a software UX design and development agency whose development team is led my Scrum Masters. Codal delivers web and mobile solutions to companies of all sizes and industries.

You can get into contact with the Scrum Masters of Codal here.

Partner with Scrum Masters

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