A Guide to the Perfect eCommerce Website Header

The user experience of your navigation should be carefully considered. This is where your users are clicking around to find the product they are looking for, and if they cannot find the product then they cannot buy it.

The primary navigation should be pretty simple and should only have 5-7 categories. These categories should be named exactly what they are, instead of being creative with the category names.

Store Locator
If your eCommerce website also has physical storefronts, it is important to note this in the header, and allow the user to search for a location that is closest to them.

In many circumstances, the user will be coming to your website only to search for the closest store, instead of making an online order. If you have a search bar on your website, you can also allow the user to search a location or zip code to find a location nearby.

My Account
Your customers should be able to create an account through your website in order to track their order and view past orders. If the user has already created an account, this should be a ‘My Account’ link, or a ‘Login’ link. If it is a new user, this link should bring the user to a registration page

This is also a great place to show a promotion, if a user has an account. For an example, the website can offer free shipping if the user creates an account. Being able to create an account is also way of showing trust, because the user can check the order status at any time.

Search Bar
This is an important function for an eCommerce website. In the case that the user cannot find what they are looking for through your navigation links, the search bar is an additional way for the user to find a desired item.

In 2016, where the internet is full of impatient consumers, if a user cannot find what they want they will simply leave.

Customer Service
A customer service link, or phone number on the header of your eCommerce website will give your users a sense of trust and will allow your consumers to feel comfortable when shopping with your brand.

Not only will having this bring a sense of trust, but it will also serve as a resource for when your customers need help and cannot find their answer on your website.

About The Author :
This Article is written by Codal’s Writer. Codal is providing RoR, Python, iOS, Android and PHP Development Services.  It is a full-stack UX design and development agency with a focus on blending an Agile and Lean innovation process with the latest emerging technologies.

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A Guide to the Perfect eCommerce Website Header

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