eCommerce Usability – Tips for the Shopping Cart Page

Create a sense of urgency.
If there are only a few products left, create a sense of urgency for the user by letting them know that there are only 2 left! If the user wants the product badly enough, they will make the purchase without second guessing. If there is a sale on the item, let them know by communicating a message stating that the item is only on sale for “3 more hours!”

Full shopping cart page.
The shopping cart page should take over the entire screen. Many designers think that this is one of the least important pages for design. However, this is where the user is making a purchase, so this page is important.

Up-sell and Cross-sell products.
The shopping cart page is an ideal place to upsell and cross sell other products to your customer. If the user ordered a dress, try to sell them some nice shoes that would go with it. This is especially important in industries that people make multiple purchases at once, like the technology industry. If you are buying a new Macbook Pro, chances are that you need a computer sleeve, an extra charger cord, or an HDMI cord to go with it.

Allow your customers to save their shopping carts.
If your customer adds 5 items to their shopping cart, allow them to save this, and purchase the items the next day. It is frustrating for a user when they have to re-add a handful of items to their cart. Chances are, they just won’t buy the items if they disappeared from their cart.

Be consistent with where your shopping cart icon is placed.
Your customers won’t buy anything if they cannot find it. Users should easily be able to locate the shopping cart, no matter which page they are on. This icon should also always show how many products are in it.

About the Author:
This Article is written by Codal’s Writer. Codal is a full-stack UX Design and Mobile Apps Development Agency with a focus on blending an Agile and Lean innovation process with the latest emerging technologies.

eCommerce Usability – Tips for the Shopping Cart Page

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