6 Qualities Your Best WordPress Developer Should Have

Quality is by far one of the most important things when you’re looking for a WordPress developer. The developer you choose should be skilled in customization so that your website can be one of a kind. There are also some specific traits you should be searching for. Even if you’re developing your company website yourself, it helps to have an expert there to ensure that the development is done correctly.

Here are 6 distinct qualities that your WordPress developer should have if you want your website to be its best.

1. A Solid Tech Background

Hire a developer who knows how to operate WordPress. The right team member will know just how to customize your company’s website using WordPress’ capabilities. You’ll also want to ensure that the developer you choose has a solid background in technology. Will he/she know what to do if it’s taking a long time to add graphics or interactive features to your website? Can your developer explain the various technical aspects of your website to you in words that you can understand? Will your WordPress developer know what to do if your website crashes? These are important things to consider when you’re looking for a developer you can work with on a long-term basis.

2. Database Design and Development Experience

It’s very important that your WordPress developer has extensive experience with database design and advanced forms of development. During the interview process, ask if your developer has experience with fairly basic concepts like HTML, or advanced aspects of Web development like MYSQL. The developer should also be familiar with CSS. This ensures that your site will look professional and be easy to read and navigate.

3. Team Player

Since your WordPress developer is part of your team, you’ll be working very closely with them to come up with the color scheme and font design for your website. This could mean daily meetings at times, when you’re trying to ensure that your website looks and functions at its best. If you want to pitch a new series of articles or videos on your website, or have a special promotion coming up, your developer should be available to help you make your site more visually appealing to customers.

4. Communication Skills

Communication is key when choosing a developer. Look for someone who communicates often and effectively. This determines how quickly your website will be completed, which affects your marketing and profit-making abilities. Having a developer who clearly communicates the progress of your website, will ensure the end result will be what you want.

5. HTML And CSS Coding Skills

HTML and CSS coding are a must for WordPress developers. Choose a technical professional who has extensive experience with these skills. This will ensure that the words and images on your website will show up properly. WordPress developers should also have experience with PHP and Javascript. You want your graphics to show up well. If you want your WordPress developer to work on backend development for your website, be sure to ask about his/her database management skills as well.

6. Creative Professional

Having a WordPress developer who can easily see your creative vision is key. You want your website to stand out, which means that the colors, interactive features and written content you select should be interesting and engaging. Choose a developer who understands how to work with WordPress templates, and has the ability to execute it without an overwhelming amount of direction.

The next step is to know your budget. You’ll want a WordPress developer who is part of your team and is in the office on a regular basis if possible. This increases the chances that your website will always be accessible and high-quality. Here’s to a top-notch website!

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6 Qualities Your Best WordPress Developer Should Have

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