5 Myths About Developing a Mobile App

Although mobile application development has been around for quite a while, as an entrepreneur or business owner, you may have heard many misconceptions that can misguide you in your process of developing an app.

In the event that this is your first time building an app, we have put together some of the most common myths surrounding application development, so that you can stay vigilant and on the right path.

Myth #1: Your job is done when the app launches.

This is a big one. Your job is actually nowhere near finished when the app launches—it’s only just beginning. The application development phase is typically one of the more straightforward aspects of mobile app entrepreneurship. In fact, getting the app in the hands of users is consistently one of the hardest parts.

You must market to the right target audience, and once you get that audience using your app, you must strategize (and successfully implement) ways to keep them using it.

Myth #2: Building a native app is a waste of time and money.

If you want a usable, five star app, your app must be native, there is no other way around this. We get it, many think that by building a cross platform app, they are saving money because it only needs to be coded once, and it will be pushed out to all types of devices.

Don’t be fooled: this is the ‘easy’ route, and it will only lead to a negative experience among your users. Non-native applications can have a host of malfunctions, and are not worth the time and money that must be spent fixing them.

Myth #3: You’ll build the app faster if you build it using your internal team.

Building a mobile application yourself, with no assistance from a mobile application development agency, could take 3-4x the time. A dedicated mobile development team will always do it right the first time around; it’s their specialty.

Just because you have a few team members with JavaScript, Photoshop and CSS capabilities, does not mean that they have the entire skillset necessary to research, design, develop, test and launch a mobile app. Stick with the safer option.

Myth #4: If you outsource the development, you won’t have to do very much.

Looking for the best outcome? You should be involved in the software development lifecycle as much as you can, including development. It is not just an app, but a business that you are building, and every decision is an important decision.

And involvement in the SDLC isn’t your burden to bear alone. Mobile application development firms ought to prioritize their clients feedback, and work closely with them, in order to reach the best possible outcome.

Myth #5: Your idea is the only thing that matters.

People think that their mobile application idea is the key to a successful businesses. Yes, the idea is of course vital, but there are other factors that play an equally important role. On it’s own, an idea that has not been properly executed or supported can be virtually worthless.

Other factors include timing, location, and market dynamics. Product and marketing are not just about research and discovery—you’re taking a chance: will the market adopt your app? You have to work beyond the idea to become a success.

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5 Myths About Developing a Mobile App

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