Why You Should Start with an MVP Mobile Application

Launching your mobile application can be nerve-racking. How will you know users will like the product? How will you gain users?

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a product that contains the most minimal features it can get. The overall concept of an MVP is to get your idea to market as soon as possible. Once you gain some users, you then iterate and build upon your product based on feedback from your users.

MVP Image

Why a Minimum Viable Product Approach?

Building an MVP allows you to prove your concept before going all out. Building a full-featured mobile application can be extremely time-consuming and costly. It is a process that can sometimes take up to a year, and cost you over $100,000. It would be a lot of time and money wasted if you couldn’t adopt users to your application.

An MVP costs must less, and it will only take a few months to get your app in the hands of your potential users. At Codal, we shoot for a 30-90 day period to get an MVP to market.

Once you launch your MVP and gain a user base, you can then start iterating and add the features that your users actually want. Without user feedback, how will you know which features will be more important than others? You won’t.

MVP Cases From The Past
Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter. All of these platforms started as a simple MVP. When Snapchat first launched, its functionality was basic. You could send a photo to someone that only lasted for up to 10 seconds, and that was it. As there is now, there was no video, filters, messaging, stories, or live feeds.

Can you imagine Twitter before you could retweet someone? Barely. When Twitter first launched there was no ‘retweet’ functionality. The company started to see users type ‘RT’ before someone else’s tweet, so they listened to the feedback from users, and added a Retweet button.

Facebook has evolved more than ever, and still, Facebook pushes code on average of twice a day. It is part of the reason they are so successful; they are constantly iterating.

Looking for a development partner to build your MVP? Codal is a UX design and development agency based out of Chicago that will bring your idea to life in 30-90 days.

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Why You Should Start with an MVP Mobile Application

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