A Few Must-Have iOS Apps

As a UX Design & Mobile Application Development Agency, Codal is always sharing new app ideas, hearing about new apps to market, and telling our teammates that they need this certain app.

When it comes to staying organized, Evernote is a perfect mobile application that integrates with many of your other applications. Although everyone uses it differently, this application syncs all different types of notes together; text notes, voice memos, and even photos. The user can search through all your notes, no matter the type. It’s great for keeping track of your ideas, jotting down notes and staying as organized as possible.

Mint is a mobile application that allows you to do all of your financial upkeep, in just one lick. It provides insight to all of your accounts, checkings, savings, and credit cards. The user is able to see pending transactions, account balances, and even your total net worth. The user is also able to create a monthly, or weekly budget and keep track of all of their spendings on the one application.

WhatsApp has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and if you didn’t already know, it is now owned by Facebook. This application allows you to send messages of no size restriction to other users at no cost if you’re using Wi-Fi. Instead of using up your SMS and data on your cell phone, WhatsApp allows you to communicate without spending an extra dime.

If you enjoy running, or biking, Strava is one of the best smartphone fitness tools for iOS. It allows you to track performance, set goals and view your daily progress updates. You can also be competitive with other users on the app through leaderboards and challenges to keep you motivated. Lastly, if you don’t know where you should head for your next run or bicycle session, you can find user-created routes that are near you.

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A Few Must-Have iOS Apps

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