Laravel 101

laravelLaravel is a PHP web framework that is both free and open-source under MIT License. This framework was built by Taylor Otwell and was intentionally built for the development of web applications that follow the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern. In March 2015, this popular web framework was regarded as one of the most popular PHP frameworks out there. This framework is extremely powerful and is designed to give the developer a way to keep their code looking clean and easy to read and comprehend.

Laravel Features: The following list are some of the top features that are most used and loved within the Laravel community. These features are what makes the framework stand out compared to others:

Bundles: Small packages of features that you can easily add to your web applications, ultimately saving code time.
Reverse Routing: Reverse routing makes it possible to change routes at a later time. URI’s are automatically created by Laravel.
View Composer: View composers are blocks of code that are run when a view is loaded.
Restful Controllers: An elective way for isolating the HTTP GET and POST request logic.
Unit Testing: Laravel makes it easy for developers to create unit test in order to prevent regressions in the framework. Tests can be ran through “artisan command-line utility.”
Inversion of Control (IoC) Containers: IoC Containers gives you a method for generating new objects in which you can access from anywhere in your code. With IoC Containers, you will rarely need to bootstrap external libraries.

Learning Laravel: The best way to start learning Laravel is to visit their website and read their official documentation of the framework, which can be found on their website here. Another way of learning more about Laravel is to read the book ‘From Apprentice to Artisan,’ by Taylor Otwell, the creator of Laravel. It is a great guide to advanced app development using the Laravel framework. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can also watch videos on Laracast– a great video tutorial site for developers.

About The Author:

This Article was written by Codal’s Writer. Codal is a UX design and development agency based out of Chicago.

Laravel 101

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