Codal Culture: A Trip to Orsang Resort

Company culture may be more important than you think; it defines the way that your organization internally interacts with each other, and with your partners, or suppliers.

Having a compelling company culture ultimately is a method that can guide the team, and motivate employees. Company culture also draws new talent in and creates an ongoing happy work environment. There is potential that more people will want to do business with you, because of what you stand for, and not just on your products and services alone.

This is why at Codal, we take our company culture very seriously. Both in our Chicago, Ahmedabad, and London offices. Just a few weeks ago, Codal’s Ahmedabad team took a trip to Orsang Resort, in the village of Gamdi. The Orsang resort is a sprawling area of 125 acres, and is designed to offer adventurous activities as a team. Some of these adventures include a rope walk, monkey bridge, swing bridge, sky walk, kayaking, zipline, and bubble soccer.


The Codal team met at 5:30 am on a Saturday morning to board a bus in route to the Orsang Resort. The team spent a day at the resort enjoying the nature that the resort offers and partaking in Orsang’s adventurous activities. Our team specifically enjoyed the zipline adventure; Orsang’s exhilarating zipline is the longest in the country!

“It was fun-filled day at Orsang with my Codal team members. It was personally one of my favorite activities that I have participated in at my time at Codal so far. A day with great activities and great food spent with my coworkers.”

Amit Solanki


Activities like these keep a strong engagement within the Codal team, and continues to help create an environment of participation and collaboration. Maintaining a work environment where all employees feel like they belong to a strong team is very important.


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Codal Culture: A Trip to Orsang Resort

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