Millennials and Technology: Adobe Summit 2016

At Adobe Summit in Las Vegas last week, many of the sessions revolved around technology and millennials, and how user experiences and digital marketing are changing because of the habits and ways of the Millennial generation.

Millennial’s possess values that are shaped by what is going on around them, which mostly consists of technology, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The main sessions on millennials hit on three major points: 1) They are always ‘on’ 2) They want to be hyper engaged with your company’s content, and 3) They demand personalization.

1. They are always “on”
50% of Millennial’s regularly browse the internet with no intention of buying anything. They are ‘liking’ products on Instagram, retweeting an awesome sale they see, and checking out live events on Snapchat. None of these actions are conversions, but these actions make them more brand aware

2. They want to be hyper engaged with your content
Who are the content creators today? Mostly millennials. Content is being created and released so quickly, and millennials are used to that. They want to be engaged with the content that is being delivered to them, instead of just listing to the same 30 second advertisement, over and over again on the radio or television.

3. They demand personalization
Millennials are used to seeing personalized advertisements. They grew up in an era where everything is targeted to them, very specifically. This makes them not only want personalization, but it makes them demand it. If it is not personalized to them, they simply won’t care. Personalization makes them feel like they are more involved with your brand, and not just a customer.

Millennials are making brands change their strategies to reach millennial consumers. For an example, Coca-Cola’s ‘Name’ campaign was a huge success, and why? Because it was all about personalization. Companies must alter their physical products, as well as their mobile apps and websites to fit the needs of Millennials.

Looking for help to make changes to the UX and functionality of your website or mobile app, in order to cater to the needs of Millennials? Contact Codal for help today.

Millennials and Technology: Adobe Summit 2016

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