The Launch of Adobe’s Smart Bag: Adobe Summit 2016

Adobe summit wrapped up last Thursday, this summit is an annual digital marketing conference, usually taking place in Salt Lake City, but this year Las Vegas. It’s main focus this year was connected experiences. Codal attended this event to learn more about these experiences.

A connected experience is a digital experience that the consumer has while interacting with a brand, not just through a mobile application or website, but with a device that is connected to the internet. The Internet of Things is a vastly growing industry- according to Adobe, by the end of 2016 there will be 4 billion connected devices, and by the end of 2020 that number will be up to 13.5 billion!

Adobe showcased their new connected experiences with the new Adobe Smart Bag. This new bag will be given to retailers for their customers to engage with the store in a unique way. As the customer walks through the store, they can put items in their bag that will automatically add to their shopping cart on their mobile app. This smart bag is integrated with beacon technology and an RFID (radio-frequency identification technology). Once your bag is full, you enter the dressing room to try these items on.

The dressing room will have a large screen which shows all of the items that are in your smart bag. When you decide what you want, you simply click a few buttons on the application, and can leave the store without the need to interact with a store associate.


According to Capgemini Consulting Research, shoppers who only shop in-store waste 39 billion hours per year waiting in line at a retail store. Adobe aims to reduce those numbers with their new Smart Bag. Adobe’s marketing staff made it clear throughout the conference that they believe that it is important to sell an experience, and not just a product. This is exactly what Adobe is aiming to do with the Smart Bag, sell the innovative experience of shopping in a retail store, rather than just selling a smart bag for retail stores.

About The Author:
This article is written by Codal’s writer. Codal is a UX design and mobile application development company in Chicago. It is providing developers and designers for PHP, RoR, Python, iOS and Android Development Services.

The Launch of Adobe’s Smart Bag: Adobe Summit 2016

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