The Hottest IoT Apps: The Smart Home

The hype around the Internet of Things is huge, and on the constant rise. Everyday, new companies are announcing their new IoT products. As of now, the ‘Smart Home’ stands to be the most prominent type of applications in the IoT world.

According to, the smart home was ranked the highest out of all of the types of IoT applications out there.

  • More than 60,000 people currently search the term ‘smart home’ each month.
  • There are over 250 companies and startups in the IoT Analytics company database (more than any other IoT-related applications).
  • The total amount of funding for smart home startup companies exceeds $2.5 billion.

The smart home and home automation is exactly what it sounds like- automating the ability to control items and appliances around. From speakers, lights, dishwashers, garage doors and hot water heaters, IoT is allowing you to be able to automate everything you do.


What are some of the best home automation systems? Belkin WeMo, Canary, Connected by TCP, Lowe’s Iris, Revolv, Mother and Staple’s Connected Home, to name a few.
Whether you are ready or not, home automation and IoT products are here to stay.

Codal is a UX design and Mobile Apps Development Agency based out of Chicago. Building innovative applications for the world of IoT is our expertise.

The Hottest IoT Apps: The Smart Home

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