Why WordPress is The King of CMS’s

Cost Effective and Flexible
Since WordPress is open-source, you can download and install it for free, and use it on your own servers. This makes it fairly cost-effective, especially when comparing it to building a custom CMS (that will probably do the same thing as WordPress).

WordPress is also extremely customizable and flexible with what your needs. If you have a need that you don’t have a resource to code, chances are there is a plugin for that feature.

Large WorldWide Community
The WordPress community is massive. At the end of 2014, there were 74,652,825 websites that were depending on WordPress. Since there is such a huge community surrounding WP, finding a WordPress developer or designer to help you update it, back it up, make changes, etc, is never too difficult.

Easy and Simple to Use
You don’t need to be technical to learn how to use WordPress. If you know how to edit a basic Word Document, you can probably figure out how to update the content on your WordPress website. The backend administrator interface on WordPress is visually easy to navigate and very effective. It is organized well and you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for. In most cases, not everyone on your team will be technologically-savvy. And iff this is the case in your business, WordPress may be your best option.

As the frontrunner in WordPress development and support, Codal works with a lot of clients that require stable, advanced, and elegant websites. We believe that even the most sophisticated of web presences have to be fully usable by our clients, that’s why our platform of choice is WordPress.

Our WordPress development teams span the globe, and employ the most innovative technologies to recreate the exact vision of the client. This is done through both an agile sprint methodology, and a follow the sun approach, so that development is continuous, and always one step ahead of the client.

WordPress is powerful, but maximizing its potential is not easy. Often, there are too many things relying on the seamlessness and scalability of your web presence to leave it to chance—so rest assured that working with an advanced development partner is often the best move.

Why WordPress is The King of CMS’s

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