Mobile UX Best Practices with Codal

Chicago ­based UX design and development firm has compiled a list of vital considerations to help you assure that your mobile application employs best practices for UX design.

First off, your mobile UX design should be ​consistent ​across all platforms. Consistency in user experience is very important. As a UX designer, your mobile app should have the same functionality across its desktop and mobile versions. This ensures that users are afforded access to the same exact content across each platform. Also, all elements of UI design (color scheme, typography, content organization) should be kept uniform across both mobile and desktop platforms. Giving your app an identifiable type will keep users familiar with your platform.

Next, the ​context​ in which an app may be used is an important consideration while in the UX Strategy phase. Someone using the app on mobile, maybe has different needs than someone browsing on desktop. The design of the platform should take this into consideration.

Most users demand learnability​. Your application should be easy to use for everyone​. You cannot assume that the user has hours to learn how to use the app. If you design an intensive interface that requires a steep learning curve, you may turn potential users away from using the app. Many users will not hesitate to delete the app from their smartphone if they cannot understand how to use it.

Consider employing a ​list approach​ to design. As different options and methods continue to grow in the world of the web, minimalism has taken it’s place as the cornerstone of reliability and comprehension in UX design. In fact, minimalism and simplicity has become a highly influential trend. This can be observed in the evolution of Apple’s iOS and Microsoft’s Windows operating systems. The UX of modern mobile applications should reflect this trend Lastly, as a UX designer you should consider the ​weight ​of the app. The weight of an application can impact its usability and viability. You should take a look at the app’s use of bandwidth. If the app uses a lot of bandwidth­ you may be using too many API’s, or your images may not be optimized for the mobile responsive design. Next, you should make sure that the app makes efficient use of the technology employed by it. If an app is using a heavy framework, while it’s only using a small part of the framework’s capabilities­ this is contributing to the added weight of the app, and is not making efficient use of the framework.

Some of Codal’s UX UI design services include: User research, information + system architecture, user testing, ideation + exploration, interaction design, front­end development, and visual design. Check out Codal’s Website:

Mobile UX Best Practices with Codal

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