Codal & Agile Scrum Dev

Codal is a full­ service web and mobile app development company that uses Agile methodology, and focuses on emerging technology. Codal implements Agile Scrum methodology to ensure a quality end product. What is Agile Scrum development, and what are the most important aspects of it?

To start, Agile requires an iterative and incremental approach​ to development. A project is split up into separate modules, and the modules are completed in short, iterative ‘sprints.’ These sprints are then tested for quality assurance and get reviewed by the client.  With this approach, clients are given a much more accurate insight into the progress that that is being made with the project.

Secondly, transparency​ is very important with Agile Scrum development. Every day, face­to­face communication between the dev team and the client is an integral part of this methodology. The client is engaged in every step of the process. At the end of every sprint, the client can review the status of the project and request changes if needed.

Thirdly, the​ timeframe for review and adaption is very short​ in the Agile Scrum method. This enables the developers to address any new concerns or project requirements in real­time, and allows the teams to stay aligned with both the code and needs of the client.

Agile builds are all about ​quality assurance​. This is a fundamental aspect of Agile Scrum development. When they are done right, agile builds are very high in quality, with minimal errors or bugs. Since every stage is tested multiple times, the product is nearly perfect at the end of project lifecycle.

Many people have heard of Waterfall Development; Agile is not the same as Waterfall. With Waterfall development, developers cannot go back and make changes to the code, errors in previous phases can affect the code in the upcoming phases, and the project may only get tested once.

Codal utilizes Agile Scrum methodology to ensure that their client’s needs are always being met. If the client’s needs’ change, Codal’s developers can make the changes to meet those needs. It is important for a client to understand what Agile development means before starting a project.

Interested in web develop or Agile Scrum development? Check out the Codal website here:

Codal & Agile Scrum Dev

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