Codal + Mobile Development

Codal builds applications for the future by blending an Agile UX design and mobile development process with the latest and greatest technologies. Codal delivers services around a growth first mentality and​ offers a wide range of services, including UX design, mobile + web development, technology strategy, and dedicated teams. W​ith this diversification we at Codal help develop the most sensible solutions for particular or common problems.

Codal develops mobile applications for both iOS and Android devices. We have built our expertise around the most cutting edge mobile application development platforms available today. Our iOS and Android teams are well­versed in the latest mobile standards and have the experience necessary to get your project done right.

Codal’s developers use Objective­C and Swift to build iOS mobile apps, while using Java to build out any Android mobile apps. When a new language for mobile is introduced, Codal quickly has their developers learn the language in order to stay on top of industry trends. For example, when Swift was introduced in June of 2014, Codal’s iOS team immediately started learning the new code, whether they learned it on their own, or took classes on the language. While some clients request their app to be built in Swift, some would like to stick with the old Objective­ C. Than Coda’s iOS development services is updated as per new apps technologies.

Codal starts most of their mobile projects with a mobile business intelligence and research stage, where user needs and business goals are identified. Here, Codal identifies risk areas and conducts user experience research for the design stage which comes next. The second stage is the process is the user experience and design stage. Here, Codal’s UX team does the information architecture of the app, creates wireframes, and finishes up the design stage with the user interface design. Once the entire design is approved by the client, it is sent to the developers to start the coding of the mobile application.

Codal develops apps in 2 week sprints (as approved by the client). This helps each phase move at an actionable pace. A dedicated and experienced team is paired with a point of contact on the client’s end to ensure transparency and technical oversight if issues arise. Every time that a module is completed, manual and automated testing is administered while the next module of the mobile application is being developed. Once all modules are developed and tested, the deployment stage comes next. To be considered a successful deployment, 95% of the scope of work that was determined in pre­discovery has been tested and approved. Full ownership of the mobile application is then transferred to our client, including the transfer of user data, passwords, and logins.

Codal + Mobile Development

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