Beacon-Based Software + Codal

The world of the Internet of Things is here. Our cars automatically unlock, our thermostats automatically adjust to our preferences, and very soon with the implementation of beacon technology- any communication will become automated. The “IoT” revolution is making itself apparent in every aspect of life.

A beacon, or an iBeacon is a small sensor device that uses Bluetooth to interact with a mobile application on a user’s smartphone. They allow mobile applications to interpret the user’s position on a micro-regional scale, and deliver content to users based on location. Soon, beacons will be everywhere and will change the way that we interact with the world. They have so many potential uses- they can be used in airports, sports arenas, trade shows, or retail stores.

Beacons are used for four major functionalities: user analytics, proximity marketing, indoor navigation and contactless payments. First off, beacons are good for marketers because they collect and analyze consumer data and behaviors for improvements. Beacons can collect a large range of data, such as: shopping habits, age, and location. Secondly, retailers can send personalized push notifications with content, promotions and offers to their customers based on the previously analyzed data. Beacons also allow for accurate, real-time indoor navigation within a certain location or venue. This technology also allows for customers to make hands-free payments, and pay through their smartphone when in a retail or grocery store.

In the past, stores have hit many barriers reaching their customers in and out of store. With beacons, retailers can overcome this problem. They can detect when their customer is near the store, are in the store, are near the checkout, are near a specific aisle, or when you leave the store.

Many large stores and companies are already using this awesome technology, such as: Lord & Taylor, American Eagle, Walgreens, Walmart, Macy’s, and

Codal is an agile application development company based out of Chicago, with the most beacon-based projects in the area. Some of Codal’s services include: user experience design, cross platform mobile application development, custom web development, mobile ux design,  IT strategy and consulting, innovation management, database audits and agile planning. Codal is vastly developing mobile applications and developing software for this Internet of Things revolution that can soon change the way we interact with the world around us. To learn more about the development of beacon-based software, contact Codal.

Beacon-Based Software + Codal

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