Dated Designs and Arrogant Aesthetics

Style is a target for criticism. The way someone presents him or herself is important when it comes to selling themselves or representing a company or entity. Showing off a style that seems dated, and not in a nostalgic or retro way; in a “wow, this totally looks like its few years old but too recent to be cool,” sort of way.

As with actual wearable style, web presences have styles too. Facebook’s site for instance changes just a bit every couple of months. They add a nuanced feature here, there, and everywhere in the most subtle of fashions. This is good because it promotes engagement, it keeps the site fresh, and even though people complain about it in the very short term, they accommodate quickly.
A web presence with a dated design is usually easy to spot. On any website there are certain norms that developers have to consider including navigation. The navigation is thoroughly thought out in that if there is a particular module does it become a link, or does it require the text ‘click here?’

Among all of the considerations, the trend in web development today is to embrace some semblance of minimalism. The more information means the more consumption is required by the visitor, which means the opportunity for engagement may seem to be ripe, but it is a bit overwhelming.
Consider Google and Yahoo! for a moment. In the late 90’s Yahoo! had much more engagement than Google, however, Google’s foresight proved to be accurate, as it is currently offering way more than Yahoo! in 2014.

A lot more clutter, and it is not as if Yahoo! has learned. They still have an egregious amount of clutter, and some people like clutter. Yahoo! is no longer being used solely for it’s search though, it has morphed into a news provider and expanded in areas Google has not necessarily.

An original design, outside of WordPress, or any other template program may also be highly beneficial to a website. The reason navigation on those template sites are so sensible is not because there is some sort of key or secret to good or bad navigation, instead users have been conditioned to understand how some sites work. WordPress sites are easy to navigate because countless small businesses and companies use it for their website. You know that there will probably be:

1. An About Page
2. A Services Page
3. A ‘Who We Are’ Page
4. A Contact Page

Among all of these are the building blocks of a successful aesthetic design. After the mapping is set up is when the need for fresh materials (or ideas in our case) comes about. Codal( UX design company , Mobile & Web Developing Provider) likes to encourage what has not been tried, the cutting edge of web presences can only be sharp if you allow it to be. So go for it, be funny, be weird, and leave everything on the table first.

Forbes makes an attempt to describe what designs will be in fashion in 2014, but they are back-end trends. What the user will experience more of are grid designs that may make sense in terms of navigation. Fonts are likely to become more personable and unique. One thing to also look forward too is endless scrolling, in that, everything is on one landing page. This design depends on the target market, and how a web presence is supposed to appeal to it.

The lesson here is to be open. Make sure all areas of your mobile design are up to date, and match up with a mobile presence too. The one thing that is certainly be crucial is a ubiquitous presence across all platforms. Your web site should look like your mobile app (that is, if you have one). With a single design across platforms, a company can really ingrain it’s branding into its users engagement. You see this quite a bit with national pizza chains. Regardless of aesthetic components of Domino’s, Papa Johns, or Sarpinos, their mobile applications are deliberately designed to bounce off the features the desktop site has. If the website can track where your pizza is up to the second, so too should their mobile apps. This is exactly what they have done, and all the features a user can dream of are all understandable in a navigational sense. Designing the web presence ought to prompt questions about the mobile solutions in the same development period. Developing their designs in a different discussion can hamper design potential.

Dated Designs and Arrogant Aesthetics

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